Workshop Chordeograph

a concertante interaction
  • 2020
  • Workshop
  • Planetarium Bochum
  • Instrument
  • Chordeograph 2

Amateur Chordeograph performers experience resonating sounds triggered by moving their arms and hands. The resulting sounds are projected onto the dome of the Planetarium Bochum. The score is the link between the performers and the composer, enabling rich interactive relationships.

A sensor interface weaves together the player´s and the artist´s actions. It tracks the body movements 3-dimensionally in order to control target fields, triggering resonances in the score. The artist cues the players by triggering score options and different levels of difficulty.

The idea of a direct interaction between artist and listener led to a new Augmented Reality format. The instrument, placed on the stage of the planetarium, is projected onto the dome and augmented along with a graphic score.

The adapted version of Chordeograph AR was developed for a presentation at the Dive-Festival for immersive arts. The workshop was held in 2020. The recording was made by the director Julia Hitz and her team as part of her research for the film project "New Dimension of Hearing".