Korona Experimental Intermedia

The grand piano as crack or the sound world of Chordeograph
  • 2005

  • Performance

  • Rachel Haferkamp Gallery

  • Cologne

  • Instrument

  • Chordeograph 1

Chordeograph 1 was presented at the Rachel Haferkamp Gallery in 2005. After a year of intense work, Gero Koenig was able to perform continous sound transformations of orchestral density and breadth. This sound research led to the construction of the instrument Chordeograph 1 in 2004. 

The flow of Chordeograph sounds is controlled by moving a „slider“ on the strings, from which I develop precise and repeatable studies based on graphic scores. Each movement is reflected in sounds ranging from minimal to dramatic. Linear and pivotal movements build the resulting sound constructions. In addition, the material properties of the different sliders allow for sound variations from soft wood to metallic sparkle. Beyond the limits of the predeterminable, unpredictable sound instants may happen.