Panta Rhei

You don't get into the same river twice
  • 2013

  • Performance

  • Loft Studio

  • Cologne

  • Instrument

  • Chordeograph 2

The presentation of the second version of Chordeograph 2 with fellow performers Anna Homler from Los Angeles, Antez from Grenoble and Bernd Wendt from Königswinter emerged from the experience of flowing sound transformations.

Repetitive movements of the slider reach different anchor points before branching out to different positions on the Chordeograph string plane. The emanating sounds allow listeners to deepen their sensorial experience.

Chordeograph 2 has been created to generate flowing and continuous sound transformations from a wide span of orchestral noise/sounds to a unison one. After five years of continuous development, including a thorough reconstruction and redesign, the second version was assembled. 

Initial sound studies for the new instrument were made from video recordings and analysis of sound-producing movements of a slider on the strings. The resulting graphic scores were synthesized forming a network of branching sound movements.

A graphic interface enables the notation of movements played on the string plane. The slider position can be synchronized with the graphic score through markings on the strings. A foot pedal controls an interactive view of the score.