Klangraum/passage - St. Gereon

A concertante sound and light installation
  • 2005
  • Performance and Installation
  • Basilica St. Gereon
  • Cologne
  • Instrument
  • Chordeograph 1

The performance takes place in an oval shaped lit zone at the center of the basilica, reenacting the original shape of the building from late antiquity. The unique sound of the instrument Chordeograph 1 creates unpredictably complex and rich resonances in the space.

Indirect lighting reflected from the dome allows participants to passage from the brightly lit center to the dim surrounding environment. They are invited to listen to the performance from different perspectives in these two seperate zones.

Red, as the symbol of the Christian martyr St. Gereon, is the color associated with blood and love. Ten spotlights project this hue creating the lit zone at the center of the basilica. A sense of introspection is rendered in the dim spaces contrasting the spotlights. To become part of the installation, the participant is encouraged to experience the two zones