Klangaktion Chordeograph

a staged concert performance
  • 2016
  • Concert Performance
  • StArt Festival
  • Salzburg
  • Instrument
  • Chordeograph 2

The sound of Klangaktion is constructed through progressive modulations of Chordeograph interlinked with electropolychords, another series of stringed instruments.

The action is built from different chord hits assembling dynamic acoustic fields. Cyclic paths are synchronized from previously explored sound transformations.

The moment of transition between recurring and dynamic sound transformations
brings about unpredictability and opens up experiences of unforseeable sound actions.

The sound spectrum is expanded by electropolychords, which were developed from the guitar by Werner Raditschnig. 

This project was created in 2015 - 2016 in collaboration with Werner Raditschnig. Two performances were staged as part of the festival stART 2016 "Kerberos Score" in Salzburg.